What is Better Birthing?

Based in Edinburgh, Better Birthing classes prepare you for the birth of your baby in a very enjoyable, positive and empowering way.

HypnoBirthing® challenges the assumption that extreme pain is a necessary evil of childbirth, exposing the fear-tension-pain cycle. Ironically it is the fear of childbirth that creates enormous tension in the body and in turn can prevent women from easily performing the normal, healthy function of birth.

The concept of HypnoBirthing is soundly based on the principles of anatomy, physiology and psychology. It not new, or even ‘new-agey’ but rather a rebirth of the philosophy of ‘better’ birthing as it existed thousands of years ago.

The sessions will provide you with an understanding of what’s actually happening in your body during labour, as well as relaxation techniques that help you to birth safely, naturally and more comfortably – exactly as your body is made to do.

My Better Birthing classes will empower you to take back control of your own birthing, whether for your first baby or your fourth.